Thursday, 24 January 2013


Welcome to the first edition of my new blog. It is based around food: sourcing it; preparing it; cooking it and most importantly, eating it. The general advice to writers is to write about what you know and I know food. Personally, (obviously) and professionally.

My maternal forebears were bakers. The family bake house was sold lasy year after being in business for nearly a hundred years. As soon as I was old enough to stand on a kitchen chair my Grandma started to teach me to cook.

All the women in my family cooked from scratch and that is how I cook. You will find very little in my house by the way of convenience food.

My parents were adventurous eaters and introduced my brother and me to food that was considered quite unusual for the time but are mainstream now. I remember my Mum cooking exotic dishes like Moussaka, curries and Spaghetti Bolognese back in the early 70’s, when most of my friends were still going home to meat and two veg every night.

They also gave the most amazing dinner parties and I used to love sampling all the new dishes they cooked.

Although I spent most of my working life in the ‘glamorous’ world of advertising, I have also cooked for a living. During my time in advertising I was often asked to do styling work for photo shoots inc food shoots. I learnt some fascinating techniques for making dishes look great on camera, such as using mashed potato to represent ice cream. Why, I hear you ask. Because it doesn’t melt under the studio lights of course. Actually, I’ll add food styling to my list of blogging topics.

I ran a pub once for six months and cooked the lunches. I have also owned a cafĂ©, which built a good reputation for hearty home cooking. People came from far and wide for my Pea and Ham Soup, Corned Beef Hash and Tater ‘Ash.

So, those are my credentials and I hope you enjoy reading this and future posts.

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