Tuesday, 3 June 2014

A New Love

I have a new love. Dark, good looking and rather luscious. It may sound like Jonny Depp and what woman wouldn’t love him but no this is a ham recipe.   To be exact, a Nigella Lawson recipe for Coca Cola ham. My friend Glenn has been making it for months and putting mouthwatering pics on Facebook. Eventually I got round to giving it a go and I was hooked. Because the meat is simmered for a couple of hours and then glazed and roasted in a hot oven it becomes sweet, juicy and melts in the mouth.

Now a top of the range gammon joint is fairly expensive but because of the cooking method you can use a much cheaper one. Personally I buy a 900g unsmoked bacon joint from Morrison’s for a mere £4 which feeds two of us very well over two meals, with enough left over for a sandwich. Bargain!


As most of you know, I am not one to religiously follow a recipe, well maybe the first time of cooking it but then I like to fiddle and introduce methods and ingredients of my own. For one thing, I hate, nay loath salty food, so prior to adding the cola I will simmer the joint in plain old tap water for about 45 minutes, then drain. Instead of using full fat Coca Cola, (other brands are available but don’t seem to work as well), I use full fat Cherry Coca Cola as it seems to add another layer to the flavour and sweetness.  In addition to the onion in the recipe I also add two crushed cloves of garlic and two star anise. I'm not keen on cloves so I leave those out of the glaze.

Simmering in cola

The juices can be made into a gravy to be served with the ham, creamy mashed potato and veg. In the summer months the ham can be served hot with new potatoes and peas or cold with a salad or as a cold cut with crusty bread and pickle. Whatever you fancy really and at approx. £1 a portion cheap enough to have whenever you fancy.

Here is a link to the original recipe http://www.nigella.com/recipes/view/ham-in-coca-cola-171

Glazed and ready for roasting

Serve to your hungry family

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